Graphic: A Cheeky Flowchart for Getting Down to Work

Graphic: A Cheeky Flowchart for Getting Down to Work

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It’s no secret that procrastination is my best frenemy, but recently I’ve been diving really deep into books, lectures, and awesome videos about time management and productivity. I’ll be doing a pretty in-depth blog post and video as to why soon (and by “soon” I mean “before I die probably”.) For now, enjoy this cheeky little resource I made for you.

Okay, for me. But you can look too!




This flowchart is inspired by a quote from Edward Hallowell’s book Driven To Distraction: “Avoiding it doesn’t make it go away. Getting it done does.” which I first came across in Jessie McCabe’s video¬†How To Fight Procrastination Anxiety (And Win!). I highly recommend her videos, she is super engaging and presents pretty complex topics in a really accessible way.

That quote completely blew my mind! It’s almost like you get to trick yourself into¬†being productive by using your sheer hatred of work / devotion to laziness to motivate you.

As much as I love quotes, and lists, and flowcharts, of course no single thing is going to suddenly turn my brain around and make me into Super Das. But I’m working on building in more reminders of these key concepts into my everyday life. This little flowchart makes me grin (because I almost always end up at the “give your kid up for adoption” path somehow) and I hope sharing it can help you guys! If only to give you something to stare at while you’re avoiding work.

Feel free to share this image! And let me know if you have any ideas for other cheeky flowcharts I can do – I’ll take any chance to poke around on Canva instead of doing real work.

Oh, and designers, if you’re feeling generous, I would love tips on how to get better! I might attempt a second go at this same idea in a more black and white printer-friendly format. I definitely think I should’ve made the START bigger and in the top left corner instead of the middle – but hey – perfect is the enemy of done, right?

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