Weekly Creative Trigger: Squirmy Sentient Fabrics

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So this is a new thing!¬†Welcome your first weekly creative trigger. I’m a huge fan of video and visual art, and I know many of my friends and followers are also creatives like me. I absolutely love coming across something new, weird, and unapologetically original.

Why do I love it so much? Because that’s the stuff that inspires me – no, triggers me – to make something of my own. To respond creatively, in one way or another.

I toyed with the name of this series for a while, and a creative trigger is the term that embodies the challenging, confrontational nature of a piece of art that demands a response. I know the word trigger is used online in a really specific way, and not to worry – I will post actual trigger warnings if I’m posting sensitive material. I just didn’t want to settle into a cushy term like ‘inspiration’ or ‘prompt’ when an evocative word like ‘trigger’ is out there.

Speaking of evocative.

Our first creative trigger comes from German design studio Zeitguised. Those Germans, man. They’ve created a digital fashion project called geist.xyz, and it is creepy, quirky, and wonderful. Take a look at these wobbly, scurrying fabrics with a mind of their own.



Whose idea was the music? ‘Fess up, Germans.

If those two minutes and thirty seconds weren’t enough to get you fired up, here are a few promptier prompts for you.

Creative trigger points:

  1. What if the apocalypse wasn’t caused by a robot revolt or a zombifying disease, but by our own fabrics turning against us? How would the world change?
  2. Who or what is making the textiles move? Is there a ghost, an invisible being, or an external force?
  3. What do the different textures, colours and shapes indicate about these squirmy, sentient fabrics? Does it showcase their personality or their intention?
  4. Which one would you wear? Which one would want to wear you?
  5. They’re moving – but where are they going? What do they want?

Feel free to respond to these any or all of these questions in any creative form you choose – from limerick to 3D motion capture of a dragon’s interpretive dance. Comment with a link to your response – or respond right in the comment box – or draw it on the side of the bridge coming up to the highway – do what you want, I’m not your mother!

I hope these weekly creative triggers will create a community of people who want to make things for the sake of making them – and share my taste in odd prompts. For now, let’s dance with these freaky¬†German textiles and hope they don’t feed on human movement.

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