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I’ve been building up to this. Over the last two years, watching YouTube and discovering new creators has become one of my favourite things.

So here it is, my very first YouTube creation. Let me know what you think! Kidding, I don’t care. Double-kidding, I really really so very much do.


If that made little to no sense to you, that’s okay. My style isn’t for everyone, and I had to do some deep self-acceptance to be able to make this and put it out there. Since I committed to creating a YouTube channel in October, I’ve filmed about a dozen videos. I even edited three or four of them before losing my nerve, or losing interest.

I’ll admit it: if I hadn’t told people I was doing this, I’d probably hum and haw for another year. But since I was getting lovingly nagged by the masses (okay, like, two people,) I kept pushing, and one day I randomly started writing a list of why nobody should take life advice from me. This came from the uncomfortable feeling I got from trying to brainstorm or film more ‘traditional’ videos about make-up and such: there’s this underlying assumption that once I turned the camera on, that I was somehow better (at blending / at life) than the person watching.

Putting myself on someone’s screen gives me hectic Impostor Syndrome feelings. In retrospect, the video I’ve made is basically telling those feelings to go suck a dick. Don’t Be Me isn’t just my casting off of the assumption that I’m a role model, but an invitation to get to know this #blessed mess that is me. That Dasia. The one who’s always starting something, seeing what she can get away with, and hopefully being borderline entertaining while she’s at it.

I want to have an origin story. I want to say that I’m making videos because I want to change the world. But the truth is: it looks fun, and it’s something new, so I want to try it. I want to try it like I wanted to try rock climbing, and comic book writing, and roller derby. There’s no five year plan.

I want a new way to be creative, and a new chance to connect with people.

I’m so damn amped to be working in this new medium. Tell me what you’d like to see from me! I’d love your comments, suggestions, questions, and brilliant deals for working online making seven thousand dollars and thirteen cents an hour, or whatever the trendy spam comment is these days.

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  1. majinchloe

    I didn’t know you wrote blog posts to go along with your videos! I shall read them all! 😀

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